The American Museum of Natural History

First, a proper Toasty salute to our spirit animal, the grizzly bear.
Toasty team member John Camalick, aka "Super Fresh," admires one of the many amazing dioramas in his brand new Ranger Toasty.
John hails from the cool Colorado mountains and is a snow expert. 
On the way to the museum, John reports from Central Park on the fresh snow left behind from the winter storm, Nemo.

Toasty Time: Hey, do you like dinosaurs?
John: Yes.

On the dinosaur floor:
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The Appalachian Trail

School's out! We kicked off the summer with high school English teacher, Ms. Robin, by sleeping under the stars on the Appalachian Trail. Along the way, we encountered a salamander, countless toads, mountain laurels, zero rattlesnakes. Robin was sporting a Toasty Tank when we met a couple of crazy-eyed hikers who started their journey in Georgia and were northbound to Maine.

I engulfed my foot in algae whilst swimming only once!

This was a good spot to take a beef jerky and chocolate break.

Hot dogs, ramen, instant mashed potatoes and s'mores are things we would never eat in normal life but taste so damn good in the woods.
Good night, harvest moon.
Photos by our leader/sherpa, Cyprian York Sadlon.

Ms Helen Choi aka "Wittle Thing"

Helen Fact 1
Makes a lot of weally cool wittle things.

Helen Fact 2
Is a card carrying member of the Extraordinary Dimple Having Club (with Robin).

Helen Fact 3
Shared her work and spoke about the common occurrence of burning out within the motion graphics industry at Faux Images in Berlin, a meeting for the animation/motion graphics community.
photos by Conrad Ostwald